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Your personal bio-analysis delivers amazing insight into your current moods and health. You can use Bio-Journal to assess your daily schedule and to see what effect your biorhythms have on your life. With Bio-Journal, you will get to know yourself even better. We analyze:

  • your physical condition
  • your emotional compass
  • your intellectual efficiency
On the day of your birth, three rhythms begin as sinusoids. They reveal a lot about your condition. On each day of the year.

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Body · Soul · Spirit
Detailed analysis of your physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms
Scrollable graphical 14 day overview of all three curves
View long-term trends in your biorhythm
comprehensive event list (with calendar filter)
ability to write your own observations - make notes
Family and Friends
Make additional profiles for your family and friends

Background Information

Do you know your Biorhythm? You may know your horoscope, but do you know your biorhythm?

It has nothing to do with astrology - Hippocrates wrote about biorhythms in his journals, and even the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans knew about the relationship between the biological rhythms and a person's potential performance.

Bio-Journal is your most important sidekick because it analyzes the relationship between the three most important biorhythm curves for you.

Most importantly, with Bio-Journal, you will be able to plan out the best days for exams, vacations, business trips or contests. You will also be able to find out when you should be especially careful!

One of the neatest functions of Bio-Journal is that you will be able to see how interactions with the important people in your life is influenced by the interplay of both of your biorhythms. Physical and emotional peaks and valleys are foreseeable with Bio-Journal.

Bio-Journal will show you your personal physical, emotional and intellectual trends for the future!

Awareness of your personal biorhythm is an important part of living in harmony with nature and paying attention to your inner compass. By being aware of your biorhythm, it can even be possible to minimize the impact a biorhythmic bad day can have on the rest of your life.

Unveil your moods, actions and your fate with Bio-Journal!

The information contained in this application is strictly for amusement and entertainment purposes and should at no time be regarded as legal, psychological, medical, business, or financial facts or advice. Any actions taken by you the user are solely your choice and your responsibility. The application is provided solely for your personal, non-commercial use and not for resale, distribution, public display or performance.

Have fun learning about yourself with Bio-Journal!

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